Upcoming exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions

Automne 2020
12 November to 12 December

Mathieu Lévesque 

Les isolés

The most recent research of Mathieu Lévesque is oriented around the ambiguity between the painter's know-how and laissez-faire, while the particular and recurring gestures, generators of style and palettes are often the result of habits, tics, even errors.

12 November to 12 December

Philippe Internoscia


Philippe Internoscia creates hypperrealistic three-dimensional facsimiles of mundane and surreal objects to subvert material world heteronormative categorizations. With FLEX, Philippe Internoscia presents a libidinal export through a rhythm and a flexibility which exceeds the limits of capitalist sexuality...

8 October to 7 November

Catherine Bodmer


Starting from a series of images that expose plant market lush kiosks in the Viveros de Coyoacán in Mexico City, Catherine Bodmer continues her research around the garden theme as a manifestation of the quest for an ideal world, a utopia.

3 September —Dates to be confirmed


Espaces identitaires

The migration of peoples is a recurring phenomenon in the history of humanity, whether by choice, by obligation, by necessity. What defines our territory? How does cultural heritage and identity affect who we are?

3 September to 3 October

Rachel Echenberg

Conversation avec ma famille

Rachel Echenberg starts the Conversations avec ma familleConversations With my Family project in Summer 2018 as part of the Résidence Nomade on Anticosti Island. With her immediate family members, Echenberg explores the concepts of intimacy and mutual alienation.