Opening | Véronique Lépine | Noémie Weinstein

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Véronique Lépine
Les formes en porte-à-faux 
Véronique Lépine questions the malleability of materials and the cohabitation of objects through an exploratory approach. With an evolutionary process of observation and manipulation, she proposes an assemblage of objects installed on the wall, as three-dimensional artwork frames, or fixed directly on the working tables. 

Noémie Weinstein
Tropical Cruise 
21 novembre au 21 décembre 2019
Noémie Weinstein portrays the spaces of the voyage. The paintings represent fragments of silent deserted landscapes that recall, sometimes, the melancholy of tropics, at other times, artificial spaces. As the fruition of a research on photographic sources on the history of exoticism in architecture, her painting reveal the troubling and changing aspect of occidental tourism.