Alexandre Jimenez


Multidisciplinary and creation workshops

In collaboration with Action Centre-Ville


  • Public Presentation
© Galerie B-312 – Alexandre Jimenez & Mathilde Baïsez

With the special collaboration of Marianne Pon-Layus, Natalie Laforturne, Ivan Lassere and Vincent Routhier, and with the participation of Mathilde Baïsez, Lise Catudal, Carole Dallaire and Jean-Denis Proulx.

19 December 2017

On Tuesday, December 19, we invite you to come and take a look at our latest workshop with the members of Action Centre-Ville, an organization offering activities to individuals aged 50 years and older. This season, it is the turn of Alexandre Jimenez and his collaborators to introduce the participants to an exploration of contemporary art through contextual art and artistic collaboration.

For almost three years now, Galerie B-312 has been offering cultural mediation workshops for seniors who frequent the Action Centre-Ville centre. Directed by professional artists, these exploratory workshops, accompanied by studio and gallery visits, aim to help participants to better comprehend the artistic practice and become familiar with contemporary art, while allowing privileged access to the creation process. 

The artist and curator Alexandre Jimenez invited a group of participants to reconsider the status of the artist and notions of authorship by putting forward the artistic position in the context of an art-collective. The group was led to discover the artistic practice of the artist as well as the four collaborators, Marianne Pon-Layus, Natalie Laforturne, Ivan Lassere and Vincent Routhier. This workshop, given both individually and in collaboration, permitted the group to get involved in a multidisciplinary, inclusive and enriching artistic experience. Thus the participants had benefited from an exceptional opportunity to learn what goes on "behind the scenes" of an artistic creation, together with the artists and Galerie B-312.

To complete this project, on Tuesday, December 19, from 5 pm to 7 pm, Galerie B-312 will hold a public presentation of the participants’ creations realised during this series of ten workshops. You are all welcome.

This project was supported by: Programme de Partenariat culture et communauté, offered in the context of the Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal, Ville de Montréal and ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec.