Caritas 2004


Caritas 2004

  • Fundraising Sale and Exhibition
1 April 2004 to 17 April 2004


More than forty artists responded to the call, and nearly fifty works will be on sale during this benefit exhibition. The prices, modest, will for the most part oscillate between 102 and 433 dollars (60% of the proceeds from the sale will be paid to the gallery, the difference going to the artist) -drawing, painting, sculpture, moulding, photography, combinations of simple or complex materials, found or manufactured: each time the gesture was poetic. This is their true value - Let yourself be spoilt for choice by joining us at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, April 1st 2004 at 7pm. The sale of the works continues until April 17 during the gallery's opening hours.- The Gallery gratefully thanks the participating artists, as well as its members and supporters for their support.

—Summary of a text by Jean-Émile Verdier

Mathieu Beauséjour, Caroline Boileau, Joanne Bouchard, Michel Boulanger, Marie-Claude Bouthiller, Joseph Branco, Marie-France Brière, Marthe Carrier, Joceline Chabot, Thomas Corriveau, Mario Côté, Sylvie Cotton, Patrick Coutu, Gennaro de Pasquale, Martin Désilets, Gabrièle Fontana, Johanne Gagnon, Yan Giguère, Suzanne Joos, Valérie Kolakis, Éric Ladouceur, Paul Landon, Paméla Landry, Renée Lavaillante, Paul Lowry, Christine Major, Miroslav Ménard, Aude Moreau, Jacko Restikian, Marie-Andrée Rho, Geneviève Rocher, Carmen Ruschensky, Hélène Sarrazin, Vida Simon, Karen Spencer, Daniel Sylvestre, David Tomas, Annie Tremblay, Jean-Émile Verdier et Angèle Verret.