Promenades urbaines

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Promenades urbaines

  • Activités spéciales
16 September 2004 to 30 October 2004

Claire Beaulieu, Michel Boulanger, Catherine Bodmer, Eva Brandi, Thomas Corriveau, Christiane Desjardins, Johanne Gagnon, Trevor Gould, Pascal Grandmaison, Éric Ilhareguy, Suzanne joos, Manuela Lalic, Paul landon, Paméla Landry, Renée Lavaillante. Paul Litherland, Paul Lowry, Christine Major, miroslav ménard, Genviève Rocher, Hélène Sarrazin, Lorraine Simms, Dominique Toutant, Suzan Vachon, et Louise Viger.

Galerie B-312 opens its programming of the year 2004-2005 with the Aprenter l’île promenades urbaines, a series of events organized around the lunch of the artist’s book Aprenter l’île promenades urbaines- Montréal, vues singulières, designed and published by Galerie B-312. It brings together 25 artists who have been inspired by an aspect of Montreal: the strangeness of a place a possible story. A view, an incongruous detail, a particular emotion.  Today, when the subject is more than ever in danger, attacked from all sides, by rumour, opinion, generalization etc, Aprenter l’île promenades urbaines, is a breath of fresh air, a veritable manifesto of subjectivity through 25 testimonials that are sober as they are effective, as the authors eclipse themselves behind the aesthetic spaces they have so generously opened up for us in the most ineffable of discretions. The artist passes, what they have discovered will remains: the possibility of putting order, of ordering chaos, not so much for the other as for oneself.

Saturday 30 October The book lunch will take place 30 October 2004 at 5 PM. For financing this project the Galerie B-312 has opened its space to the works that were used to design the beautiful pages of the book. The show will lasts for the six weeks of the event during which the artworks of participants could be appreciated or acquired. But there is even more the exhibition will be punctuated by two conferences and a storytelling event conference Jean Smyslony, It is by adopting the theory of Charles S. Pierce, philosopher and mathematician, who proposed a logivcal model for the analysis the relationship between man and his environment that Smyslony will provide some answers on the modality of this influence.

Wednesday October 20 at 8 PM Yves Robitaille during the second meeting will perform his tale L’île de bouche-à-oreille. The professional storyteller Yves Robitaille invites us to the event where unexpected faces from Montreal will be present. As curious as it may seem, He classifies storytelling as a form of visual art. He tells us storytelling is an art of making present to the to the mind of the audience scenes, faces, actions, as if they had seen them with their eyes.  And when the story touches on universals, illusion comes to its peak. We laugh, we are afraid, sadness invades us, anger rises, under the effect of what was only words, rhythms, sounds and timbers of voice. Strange sympathy between the audible and the plasticity is the affect that Yves Robitaille invites us to experience.

Tuesday October 26 at 8 PM The conference: la laideur des villes une certaines archéologie de la ville, will be presented by Marie-Claire Lancôt-Belanger, psychoanalyst October 26 at 8 PM. Mrs Lancôt-Belanger will refer to our relationship with the city on the horizon of the metaphor of the city as a living being, who has a soul, dimension, spaces, secrets where beauty and ugliness are housed.

—Translated from a text by Jean-Émile Verdier