six peintres—deux écoles—trois lieux—une rencontre

Brendan Flanagan—Isabelle Guimond—Jenna Meyers—Corri-Lynn Tetz—Noémie Weinstein—Gabrielle Lajoie-Bergeron

six peintres—deux écoles—trois lieux—une rencontre

Université du Québec à Montréal—Concordia University
Galerie Lilian Rodriguez—Galerie de l'UQAM—Galerie B‑312

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© Six peintres. Deux écoles. Trois lieux. Une rencontre—Galerie B-312—Photo: Jean-Marc Fredette

Brendan Flanagan is interested in new technologies and how they affect how we perceive and understand the world. Moving from the digital universe to the material universe, fluctuations occur: new data and material are created, others are lost or modified. In order to represent these transformations, the artist appropriates and gives body to digital aesthetics, trying to grasp the point of overlap between virtuality and reality. -Originally from the Northwest Territories, Brendan Flanagan currently lives in Montreal. Since 2007, he has presented solo exhibitions at the Angel Gallery and LE Gallery (Toronto) as well as Thierry Golberg Projects (New York). Recipient of the 2011-2013 Tedeschi Scholarship, he is one of the finalists for the 2013 RBC Canadian Painting Competition; an exhibition featuring the nominees was presented at the National Gallery of Canada in 2013.

Starting from what she calls micro-contexts - her circle of friends, her neighbourhood, her apartment, her objects, her wanderings, Isabelle Guimond builds a fiction incarnating in painting. She questions not only pictorial spaces, but the distribution of spaces and the way in which we occupy them.-Since 2007, she has presented her work in the context of several group exhibitions, including in the Territories, Cdex and L'art passe à l’Est. In 2014, she will participate in the exhibition Ras le bol! at centre Skol, curated by Ève Dorais. With Rêve, Baby, Rêve! presented at UQAM and Bag Lady, presented at B-312, she is finishing her master's degree.

The paintings, drawings, prints and collages of Gabrielle Lajoie-Bergeron address the relationships between sex, gender and animality. Both portraits and genre scenes allegorize, fetishize and denaturalize. -Originally from Rivière-Malbée, Gabrielle Lajoie-Bergeron lives and works in Montreal. Since 2010, she has participated in several group and individual exhibitions. Notably at the Art Mûr Gallery (Montreal) and the atelier Presse-Papier (Trois-Rivières). She is preparing a solo exhibition for Centrale Powerhouse Gallery in 2014. With LOVE ME, Love my doll exhibition that she presents at Galerie B-312, she is finalizing her master's degree.

With this exhibition, Jenna Meyers presents her recent work where she paints friends, girlfriends, dogs, curtains, sex toys, bathtubs, furniture; sickness, movement, drama, romance, sensuality, brutality, and herself. A relationship of complicity presides over the choices she makes to paint or not, these found objects, people, invented scenes.-Originally from South Africa, Jenna Meyers lives and works in Montreal and Philadelphia. Her work has been presented in collective exhibitions including Parisian Laundry in 2013, and the Joyce Yahouda Gallery in 2012. With this exhibition presented at B-312, she completes her master's project.

Corri-Lynn Tetz aims to show the closeness between memory, subjective experience and larger social phenomena. The work presented in this exhibition reflects a questioning about the (im) possibilities of utopian hope outside of ideology.-Born in Calgary, Corri-Lynn Tetz lives and works in Montreal. In 2003, she was awarded the Takao Tanabe Award. She was awarded the Helene Couture Entrance Award in 2011. She was also a finalist in the 2012 RBC Canadian Painting Competition, resulting in an exhibition at the Power Plant. She has presented her work at various exhibitions in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Noémie Weinstein is interested in notions of temporality, loneliness and absence through the representation of architectural spaces. For this exhibition, she presents views of deserted public and community spaces. These places of transition - dormitories, metros, car parks - free of any human presence generate a tension that comes to interrupt the memory of the painted surface, with its accidents, its strata, its flows.-Originally from France, Noémie Weinstein graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bourges in 2012. That same year, she was awarded the FARE scholarship from the Faculty of Arts at UQAM.

10 January 2014 to 15 February 2014

—VERNISSAGE Friday 10 JANVIER 2014 17:30

To begin the 2014 season, Galerie B-312 invites you to an exhibition bringing together six graduates of the Concordia and UQAM from the Master’s of Visual Arts program. All have chosen painting, for this occasion, three art spaces invite you see this practice as it is explored by this new generation of artists. Galerie B-312 is very pleased to be associated with the Lilian Rodriguez Gallery and the UQAM Gallery for this significant project, as well as with the artists Christine Major and Eliza Griffiths, professors at UQAM and Concordia and Marthe Carrier, director of Galerie B-312. The Gallery warmly thanks all its partners for their valuable collaboration. This exhibition is the culmination of six painters’ research; a thesis that they will defend during the course of the exhibition. How are we positioned today when we begin to explore painting, despite the profusion of works and variations, with all the historical burden the medium drags in its wake? Why such a concern for a disciplinary tradition in the context of the current "miscegenation"? -UQAM: Francophone, Concordia: Anglophone. A private gallery, a university gallery and an artist run centre. At this stage of research, can we really differentiate between schools of instruction? If so, what do they hold? What distinguishes the places that host the practices? Do they have an impact on the presentation of the on the reception of the works? As a measure to discuss the issues raised by this project and the works presented, we invite you to a round table discussion, bringing together the artists, the curators , Lilian Rodriguez and Louise Déry. An exhibition and an opportunity not to be missed!