Tenir la pose

Geneviève Rocher 

Tenir la pose

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Prominent figure in Québec feminist abstract painting, Geneviève Rocher has dedicated her practice to a revaluating of material conditions, pictorial and structural conditions depricated by the dominant value system in visual arts. Her work highlights the discriminatry connotations, not only in the choice of motifs, but also more insidiously in the medium, material and formal structures. Most recently, her work has been presented at Galerie B-312 (2018), La Nube di OOrt galleria in Rome (2015), Occurence (2012) and La Central Galerie Powerhouse (2010).



8 March 2019 to 13 April 2019

Geneviève Rocher presents Tenir la pose, two series of photographs that contain ‘’pieces of painting’’ held by individuals. Interstice or tension between two artistic practices? Coexisting or resisting between pictorial forms and the photographic image? Osmosis or impermeability between two modes of expression? What is a border? What does it mean to distinguish? What to make of difference? Between the Life the photographic image testifies and the Art to which the pictorial form gives a testimony, which of the two is right?