Liam Maloney 


Nobel Peace Center of Olso
  • International Exhibition
Texting Syria—Liam Maloney—Galerie B-312 ©

Maloney is a Toronto based photographer, artist and documentary filmmaker. His work examines forced migration and the intersection of technology and intimacy in times of war. His immersive installations have been widely exhibited. Texting Syria was selected for the Moving Walls exhibition of the Open Society Foundation in New York (curators: Susan Meiselas / Magnum and Stuart Alexander Christies). The project received the Dazibao Prize during Montreal's Mois de la Photo (2015), The Post-Photographic Condition (curator: Joan Fontcuberta). The exhibition was also presented at the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul and at the 2016 Photoville event in Brooklyn. Maloney's work is part of the MOMA's exhibtion Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter (2016). Liam Maloney is RISC-Battlefield Medical Response certified. He is equipped to work in hostile environments and is a member of the Frontline Freelance Register. 



15 March 2017 to 3 September 2017

From March 15 to September 3, 2017 the Nobel Peace Center of Oslo is hosting Texting Syria in the context of the group exhibition Detours. Held in 2015 as part of Montréal's Mois de la Photo, selected by Galerie B-312 among various proposals of the curator Joan Fontcuberta, Texting Syria tackles the issue of the refugee, a topic that has not ceased making headlines for some time now.

In 2013, shortly after the start of the civil war in Syria, Liam Maloney photographed refugees living in a makeshift camp in Lebanon. At dusk, using their mobile phones, they communicate with their relatives in Syria. The artist captures moments of intimacy where images and text messages exchanged carry life, death, suffering and hope. In the darkness, the cellular light becomes a true metaphor for the intensity of the drama that is being experienced. At the heart of this humanitarian crisis, smart phones become vital tools for informing, organizing and moving around. The exhibition highlights how mobile technology is transforming the way war is experienced and mediated.

By offering an intimate look at the refugees, the artist Liam Maloney challenges us directly. The question of migrants, far from being over, raises deep ethical, moral, societal and territorial questions and divisions. Indifference is out of question. Have a good visit! 

Texting Syria at Galerie B-312
Nobel Peace Center