• Exhibition
© Louise Rousseau, exhibition "Labyrinthes", Galerie B-312, 1998.

Louise Rousseau lives and works in Montreal. She holds a bachelor's degree in painting from Concordia University and a master's degree in visual arts from UQUAM. She presented Peintures récentes in 1993 at 1040 Marie-Anne Est while participating in several group exhibitions, including Illudere ou se jouer du trompe-l'oeil, presented in Italy and at the UQAM gallery in 1989.

25 April 1998 to 23 May 1998

The different universes in which we circulate, as we approach Louise Rousseau's paintings, seem to be impregnated with an undulation between fluidity and density, gravity and movement. The concept of the labyrinth, the initiator of this recent corpus, suggests the complexity of human experience. The immanent presence of painting as matter evokes the temporality of the process while projecting us into a pictorial space in constant metamorphosis. Due to the ambiguity of the forms and imagery that are constructed there, the nature of these spaces oscillate between the aerial, the aquatic and the underground. Transformations, circulations, surface and scale play cohabit to lead us to travel through these dark expanses of intimacy and distance. So many places that seem to belong to another reality, resolutely organic and surprisingly constructed.

"I am fascinated by the filiation that exists between apparently distinct worlds: between the astronomical and microscopic universe, between the complexity of human organization and the physical world around us. "LR.

 Translated from a text by ANNIE POULIN