Cinq années de travaux sur le livre

  • Exhibition
@ Marc Desjardins, exhibition "Balzac, Butor, Derrida, Sollers", Galerie B-312, 1992.
4 April 1992 to 25 April 1992

This exhibition proposes a dialogue and a deployment of space between literature and plastic arts. The book is interpreted to us - as we say of a musical piece - it becomes a productive object, a matrix.

The book is first of all a visual work. It gives itself to be seen and gives to be seen. Reading, in its interpretative sense, is here the privileged moment of the gesture of art, of the glance posed on the things and the glance which manufactures the things. The book, an eminently "readable" work, is not simply a reading support but gives us to read its construction, its functional economy. The book is deployment and imagination, it constantly plays in a bundle of relationships.

Through these five years of work, Marc Desjardins makes us participate in an aesthetic experience of the book-like where the book is to be grasped not as a simple medium of the text but as a content of aesthetic information. The book poses problems of space, it has relations to space just as we have relations to space. Perhaps it incites us to look at it and to perceive it not as a closed and external object, but as a co-reality of being, in transparency with oneself, and perhaps also, by the same token, to rest our own relationship to reality.