Conversation avec ma famille

Rachel Echenberg

Conversation avec ma famille

Conversations With My Family

  • Exhibition
© Rachel Echenberg—Rope, Galerie B-312, 2020.

Rachel Echenberg is a Montreal-based artist working in performance, photography and video since 1992. She holds a Bachelor degree from NSCAD University in Halifax. Her work has been presented across Canada as well as internationally, including in Germany, Britain, Belgium, Chile, the United States, France, Finland, Lebanon and Morocco. Her video works can be viewed at Vidéographe, in Montreal and at Vtape in Toronto. She is now a professor and coordinator at the visual arts depattement of Dawson College and she's on the board of directors of VIVA! Art Action as president.



3 September 2020 to 3 October 2020

Rachel Echenberg’s exhibition, Conversations avec ma famille Conversations With My Family, attempts to gage the scale, force and weight of intimate interactions. Begun in 2018, this video and photo project measures familial connections against a variety of landscapes. The bodies create a disruptive presence within each natural setting, fluctuating our sense of time and scale. In this series, Echenberg presents one-to-one performances with her immediate family members. Each non-verbal conversation requires endurance and patience to build a portrait of the relationship.