• Exhibition
© Robbin Deyo, Exhibition, "Painting is...", Galerie B-312, 1998.

Originally from British Columbia, Robbin Deyo lives and works in Montreal. A graduate of Emily Carr College of Art & Design, she holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University. Her work has been presented in several exhibitions, including at the Maison de la Culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in 1996 (High Tes) and at Optica Gallery in 1995 (CHOICE Tomatoes).

10 January 1998 to 7 February 1998

The recent paintings presented by Robbin Deyo reflect the artist's fascination with the diversion of modernist traditions through the introduction, within the paintings, of methods and processes referring to the domestic. The exhibition includes three pieces, including the NO PAINTINGS series, composed of more than seventy pastel monochromes of various sizes and thicknesses. This accumulation of paintings deals with the artist's desire to occupy a space and to be "heard" while reminding us of the silence involved in all repetitive and domestic activity. Sweetness and Light, an installation of approximately 2000 miniature monochromes, magnetized and placed on a fake metal wall, takes us into the world of candy and frosted cookies, constantly slipping between the food and the pictorial. Finally, something blue, a heart-shaped painting whose surface evokes lace, refers, by its title, to certain rituals that the bride went through to ensure the "prosperity" of her wedding. From ornamentation to wallpaper and pastry decoration, Robbin Deyo's encaustic paintings humorously question the history of painting, the construction of the feminine and the codes associated with it.

Translated from a text by ANNIE POULIN