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© ADM8 - Trading Bot Performance, 2011 - Requiem for a Bank, présenté dans le cadre de Poetics and Politics of Data, HEK, Bâle, Suisse, 2015—Crédit photo :

Founded in 1999, RYBN.ORG is an extra-disciplinary collective that operates from several locations: Paris, Bourogne, Luxembourg, etc. It brings together artists, as well as programmers, journalists, cartographers, depending on the projects implemented. Defining itself as a platform for experimental artistic research, RYBN.ORG is interested in new technologies and how they mark our relationship with the world in the fields of technology and science, as well as those of economics and geopolitics.The work of RYBN.ORG has been presented in many institutions dedicated to contemporary art, including the ZKM, Centre Pompidou, LABoral, Gaîté lyrique, the Jeu de Paume virtual space, HMKV, HEK; as well as several festivals, notably: Ars Electronica, Transmediale, ISEA, Elektra, Cellsbutton. Several of their works have been acquired in collections (CNAP, Artbase Rizhome, Ceccano Media Library) and have received awards and honors in international competitions (Ars Electronica).


The ADM8 project was made possible thanks to the support of the CNC and ZKM.


14 May 2016 to 11 June 2016

As part of the Bian 2016, Automata, l’art fait par les machines pour les machines, Galerie B-312 invited the collective RYBN to present ADM8, a major project revolving around the stock market speculation. Designed with sophisticated algorithms, ADM8 interferes with the stock market by performing real-time automated speculative online transactions. Launched in 2011 with an initial investment of $ 12,000, the program, available as open-source, will remain in office until it goes bankrupt. You can track the transactions it has been operating since its launch at: use of such automated programs is widespread in the financial markets. The challenge is to design algorithms that analyze the flow of available data and in the span of microseconds, to purchase and sell bonds in order to maximize returns. These high-frequency trading (THF) bring new regulatory and ethical issues. We will remember among other things the crash of May 2010, referred ti as the Flash crash, which in the span of a few minutes caused the plummet then the rise of the Dow Jones, the oldest stock index of New York.ADM8 is the eighth project of Antidatamining, a series of investigations and proposals which, since 2006, have been investigating and actualizing and commenting on the phenomenon of data mining 1. Data mining is a data analysis process aimed at extracting schemas or systemic relationships from a massive collection of dynamic information, attempting to gain a forward-looking understanding to maximize the impact of future actions. This expectant knowledge can then be applied to specific needs: it is often intended for industry and finance, but as well for science, research, security, behavioral or market studies. This technique has been developed enormously given the current technological tools, the flux of data available on the Internet and the massive storage capacity of this information.However, this phenomenon of extracting "knowledge" from amalgam of data raises several issues: loss of control, surveillance, privacy, ethics, political, social and economic impact. If statistical exploration makes it possible to predict or anticipate complex phenomena allowing a new light on human knowledge, does not the mirror that it holds up constitute a new blindness? By confronting us with the disembodied reality of the traded actions, ADM8 raises some troubling aspects.

Original text in French by MARTHE CARRIER

1. Data mining is often translated as prospecting or data digging, which is reminiscent of the terminology associated with mining exploration, betraying perhaps, beyond language, more subterranean affinities.