Curator—Gilles Mihalcean

  • Exhibition
© Guillaume La Brie, 100 Kg Man, 2015—Photo : Isabelle Guimond

Guillaume Labrie lives and works in Montréal. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Visual and Media Arts at UQAM in 2007. Since 2002, his sculptural and installation work was presented in many exhibitions in Quebec such as Skol, Circa, Clark, B-312, Darling Foundry and Axenéo7. He has also participated in several international residencies and events, including events organized by Pique-Nique of which he is a founding member. Guillaume Labrie has also realized several architectural art projects in Québec. He is represented by Lilian Rodriguez Art Gallery.

Satoru Tamura lives in Tochigi, Japan. He graduated from the College of Art and Design University of Tsukuba in 1995. A Multimedia artist, his practice ranges from sculpture, kinetic art, video and installation. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Japan (Nerima Art Museum in Tokyo, Koriyama City Museum of Art in Koriyama, N-Mark B1 in Nagoya) and in Europe (Volta9 in Basel, Switzerland, Merz Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland) and more recently in the United States (NYC Volta 2014). Satoru Tamura is represented by the Tezukayama Gallery in Osaka, Japan.

Since the 70’s, Gilles Mihalcean is a prominent figure in the sculpture scene of Québec. His work has been shown in several art centres, galleries and museums in Montréal, in Canada, the United States and Europe. Throughout his career he has received numerous awards and prestigious grants, including the Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton (1987), the Jean-Paul Riopelle (2005) and the Prix Paul-Émile-Borduas (2011). His work is in many public and private collections. He is represented by Galerie Laroche / Joncas.

27 March 2015 to 2 May 2015


Teleportation is a bold exploratory project that brings together the works of Guillaume La Brie and Satoru Tamura. Curated by Gilles Mihalcean, both artists were invited to recreate, at a distance, the work of the other. Born from the crazy dream of an artist, here assuming the role of curator, the idea was to present a sculpture a thousand leagues from its place of origin without having to pack the work in a crate, transport it, custom clear it and bring it back. Dematerializing the work in a sense, imputes it a lightness that makes it very portable, Such as photography or video, for instance. Hence the desire to invite two sculptors, on the basis of reciprocity, to take on such a challenge.

The gallery welcomed this idea with interest and curiosity, as did nap gallery, who also took part in the project. Trying the experience of the other’s work without falling into its reproduction. Such was the invitation made to the artists, who in turn have been foolish enough to accept the challenge.

Without ever having met, the artists exchanged, via email; sketches, pictures, comments, questions, trying to understand the spirit in the other’s practice. Meanwhile, the curator observed and fed the discussions, while the two directors translated from French to English to Japanese to English to French. A meeting exercise, shared by all. A unique experience, distinct and singular.

Presented simultaneously in both cities, Tokyo and Montréal, the work of Guillaume La Brie was shown at nap gallery and the work of Satoru Tamura was presented at B-312. Although ... And that's the whole point of the project, you will have to see how the artists reclaimed, through each other’s practice, their own visual preoccupations. An exploration made somewhere between two cities, two countries, two cultures. Two artists. Several languages. One 10,400-km teleportation.

Galerie B-312 would like to thank all the artists involved in this adventure as well as Maho Watanabe, who in addition to her active involvement in the project is now literally part of the work presented at nap gallery. The gallery also wishes to acknowledge the financial support of the Japan Foundation that made the realization of this project possible.


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