Téléportation / Une archéologie du dessin


Téléportation / Une archéologie du dessin

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15 June 2016
17h à 19h

Galerie B-312 is pleased to invite you to the double launch of Téléportation and Renée Lavaillante, une archéologie du dessin, respectively edited by B-312 and Occurence and Sagamie centres. 

Téléportation, a trilingual publication detailing the eponymous exhibition presented simultaneously in Tokyo and Montréal, documents a bold exploratory project that brings together the works of Montréal artist Guillaume La Brie and Japanese artist Satoru Tamura.- Curated by Gilles Mihalcean, the two artists have been invited to recreate the work of the other, at a distance. Presented from March 27 to May 2, 2015 at the Nap Gallery and Galerie B-312, Guillaume La Brie’s work was on view at Nap and that of Satoru Tamura, at B-312. The publication includes texts by the artists, the curator and the gallery directors, which reflect this singular experience.-An exploration made somewhere between two cities, two countries, two cultures. Two artists and several languages. A teleportation of 10 400 km, at your fingertips. With texts by Marthe Carrier, Guillaume La Brie, Gilles Mihalcean, Satoru Tamura and Maho Watanabe. 

Launch Price: $ 20


At the same event, Occurrence and Sagamie art editions will present Renée Lavaillante, une archéologie du dessin, a monograph of 130 pages, including ninety colour plates covering the years 1986-2015, an analysis of Nathalie Miglioli (with English translation), as well as notes written by the artist. The drawings of the Au bonheur des galets exhibition presented by the artist at the Occurrence gallery in May 2015, completes this ensemble.

Launch Price: $ 25