See You In the Next Loop

Thomas Bégin

See You In the Next Loop

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Multidisciplinary artist, Thomas Bégin explores the idea of diversion of function of different mediums. He creates devices that turn on their own technology. His sound machines, reactivated or manipulated by digital components, combine creaks and pinches from the very structure of the objects he assembles in the perspective of exhausting all possibilities. His work has been presented through events and festivals in France, Mexico, Bulgaria, Germany, the United States, Québec and Canada. He has exhibited his work as solo exhibitions in several artist-run centres and galleries in Québec and Canada, including Fonderie Darling (2014), Lieu (2009), Galerie B-312 (2006), DARE-DARE (2003) and L’Écart (2003).


25 May 2017 to 23 June 2017

Galerie B-312 is pleased to end its season with the latest exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Thomas Bégin, See You in The Next Loop, which takes place in the two gallery rooms. Designed and conceived as a self-sustaining musical instrument, the exhibition consists of two sound composition systems developed from simple materials: turntables, speakers, glass plates, mirrors, hardware and rudimentary electrical components. —With this set of elements the artist explores the possibilities and the sonic peculiarities of the material and the mechanisms that make up his devices. The sound is created and captured using controlled light sources and photodiodes directed at the engraved patterns of the strobe indicator specific to certain decks. Once captured, the sound is amplified and relayed in the speakers to refract the output on glass plates creating sound feedback effects.— The artist’s compositions, developed from instruments he invents, depend on a series of variables and simple actions: the orientation and intensity of the light, its refraction on mirrors creating interruptions in the rhythm, the speed of the turntables, the direction of the speakers, the diffusion and the feedback of the sound, etc. —This is the first configuration of See You in The Next Loop as a self-sustaining instrument, which promises many possibilities of composition. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to come and see this proposal as dense as it is fascinating! Thomas Bégin will also perform on Thursday, June 15, at 7 :30 pm, an opportunity not to be missed. Save the date!

— Summary of text by Isabelle Guimond 

1. A photodiode can detect optical radiation and turn it into a signal