Shibari O'O'

Lisa Duroux

Shibari O'O'

Conversations. Montréal | Lyon

Visible from La Vitrine, Atelier Daigneault | Schofield
A proposal by Bikini

  • Exposition
© Lisa Duroux | Photo: Guy L'Heureux

For her first solo exhibition in Montréal, LISA DUROUX will occupy the two store windows of Daigneault and Schofield’s studio with a new series of ceramic sculptures. The Japanese word Shibari means "bind", here it evokes the idea of captivity and a certain treatment of material.

Lisa Duroux is a visual artist born in 1981 in France who lives and works in Lyon. Graduated from École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon, she completed her studies at Sorbonne Paris-IV and obtained a master’s degree in exhibition history and curatorial practices. She has had several solo exhibitions, most recently at INSA Lyon and Bikini (France).

To put it in a nutshell, the project of BIKINI is: an exhibition space (small, very small), one or two artworks (monokini or bikini), a critical or literary text. The exhibition is presented to the public on the occasion of an opening, then by appointment. But Bikini opens onto the street, and can be turned into a shop window. Just like its space, the organisation is limited, in inverse proportion to the motivation of its four founder members: Marie Bassano, Noémie Razurel, Simon Feydieu and Hugo Pernet.

La Vitrine, Atelier Daigneault | Schofield
2126 Rachel Street East
Since 2004 Michel Daigneault and Stephen Schofield have offered the two store windows of their studio on the rue Rachel to fellow artists to present their work. Artists occupy the windows for a two-month period and have used the space in a wide range of ways sometimes as an exhibition space, other times as an installation space. Some have emphasized the mirror effect of two identical windows whereas others have used to create a narrative between the two windows.

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19 janvier 2019 au 2 mars 2019

The work of Lisa Duroux proposes a research on joints, ligaments, mechanisms and the artificiality. By using recycled materials combined with specific ceramic forms, Duroux works the joints of a dislocated body, androgynous, disarticulated, hard and soft at the same time. The artist’s creative process begins with recycled materials, as one would make a Frankenstein. Sensuality and tension emerge in the encounter of materials: leather, rope, cable and ceramic. From this union appears a new anatomy. Body parts suspended from the ceiling stretch to the ground: here, a hand, there, the solid padding of a torso, there again, a knee, elsewhere, a ligament. The anthropomorphic entanglement of wires, cables, straps, leather, copper pipes and kneepads find a balance. The cords and industrial straps evoke a mountaineer safely harnessed who would climb a mountain in fluid movements. As for the ceramics and kneepads, they remind us the fragility of the body. To push one’s limits, one needs care and attention.

With its subtle color palette that lets light pierce between forms, Lisa Duroux’s installation diverts industrial materials from their raw rigidity and invites us to consider the articulations and mechanics of a body (dis)connected from its environment.

Sophie Lvoff


Conversations was initiated by curators Marthe Carrier and Chloé Grondeau and spearheaded by Galerie B-312 in Montréal. It has since become an avenue of exchange between Lyon and Montréal, with a particular emphasis on showcasing the local art scene in each city. In April 2018, five art/residency centres (Bikini, La BF15, Galerie Tator, Factatory, Moly Sabata and Néon) hosted eight Montréal artists in Lyon: Philippe Allard, Jean-Pierre Aubé, Thomas Bégin, Julie Favreau, Isabelle Guimond, Noémi McComber and Guillaume Adjutor Provost. In January 2019, five artists from Lyon (Lise Duroux, Julie Kieffer, Carolines Saves, Benoît Vidal and Victor Yudaev) presented their work in Montréal at La Vitrine, Atelier Daigneault | Schofield, Diagonale, Arprim, centre d’essai en art imprimé and Galerie B-312. 


Lisa Duroux – La Vitrine, Atelier Daigneault/Schofield
Julie Kieffer – Arpim, centre d'essai en art imprimé
Caroline Saves – Galerie B-312
Benoît Vidal – Galerie B-312
Victor Yudaev – Diagonale

Philippe Allard – La Factatory
Jean-Pierre Aubé Tator
Thomas Bégin – Tator
Julie Favreau – La BF15
Isabelle Guimond – Néon
Noémi McComber – Néon
Tricia Middleton Néon
Guillaume Adjutor Provost – Bikini