In 1991 a group of young artists took up the reins of an art gallery called Émergence to found an artist-run centre, Galerie B-312. The gallery was opened in downtown Montréal in the Belgo building that would soon become a key venue for contemporary art. The Belgo hosts five floors of artist-run centres, public and private art galleries. Located near the Contemporary Art Museum, and in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, Galerie B-312 reaches a large audience and offers significant visibility, ensuring an exposure to current practices.

Since its opening in 1991, the gallery has presented more than 250 exhibitions and artistic interventions. Some 800 artists have participated in events benefiting the centre. Over 60 round-table discussions, artist conferences and studio visits have been organized. Over 90 musicians have held concerts in the gallery. Over 60 exhibition booklets and 3 major publications have been produced. Nearly 100 authors have written critical texts about the gallery’s activities.