Paméla Landry


Paméla Landry’s works take part in a long artistic creation journey in which each project questions the construction of female identity. Seeking for a time to create models from the exploration of her own image, she then oriented her research towards model’s borrowing : the female body as a landscape, the female body as an object of desire or pleasure. Here, technology and mechanics have been put at the service of models derision and at the implementation of an identity exacerbated in her femininity. Throughout Paméla Landry’s approach, technology enables her to propose solutions to identities perceived or judged as unstable or failing. Today, she is trying to understand vulnerable people’s behaviour whose conduct is considered out of the ordinary and she is interested in how these people develop technic to combat the anxiety caused by their condition. As a result, her works interpret these rituals so we can accommodate ourselves with them in a positive way. Paméla Landry seeks to transform our gaze on these stereotypes deemed marginal people by attributing them  aspect there are joyful and rewarding, even jubilant. 


Paméla Landry works in Chaudière-Appalaches. Her installation and sculptural work has been presented in group and solo exhibitions in Canada and Europe. She holds a master’s degree from Concordia University. She is a member of several artist-run centres such as Galerie B-312, Circa art actuel and Est-Nord-Est where she is also an administrator. Her work is part of public and private collections.