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Summer 2024
9 July
Spring 2024
18 April 15 h
pour revendiquer un financement provincial viable

Les artistes et travailleurs de la culture appellent à une grande manifestation devant les bureaux du Ministre de la Culture, au 1435 rue de Bleury, le jeudi 18 avril à 15 h.

Winter 2024
18 January
Les centres d’artistes autogérés offrent un modèle unique à préserver
LE DEVOIR | Raphaël Ouellet

Read in Le Devoir: An article by Raphaël Ouellet on the mediocre salary conditions of employees in Quebec's artist-run centers.

17 January
Les centres d’artistes crient famine

By Catherine Lalonde: Denunciation of fragile salary conditions in artist-run centers by the Regroupement des centers d'artistes autogérés du Québec (RCAAQ).

Autumn 2023
21 December
Galerie B-312 will be closed for the winter vacations, from December 23, 2023 to January 8, 2024.
The whole team wishes you happy holidays!
2 December

Manon De Pauw

Le Devoir | Nicolas Mavrikakis

Read in Le Devoir of december 2, by Nicolas Mavrikakis : L’objet rêvé chez Manon De Pauw et Stephen Schofield

Summer 2023
8 July to 21 August

Galerie B-312 will be closed from July 8 to August 21. 
The whole team wishes you a wonderful summer!

6 July
MATHIEU GRENIER. Le médium des rémanences
Vie des Arts n°271 | Laurence Pelletier

Read in n°271 of Vie des arts : a nice article by Laurence Pelletier on Mathieu Grenier's practice.

Spring 2023
6 May

Mathieu Grenier 

A Review about the exhibition of Mathieu Grenier
esse | Dominique Sirois-Rouleau
11 March
Sara A. Tremblay : Poids, plumes
Ciel variable | Franck Michel

Read in Ciel variable n°125 : Sara A.Tremblay : Poids, plumes

Autumn 2022
23 December
Galerie B-312 will be closed for the winter break, from December 24, 2022, to January 9, 2023.
The whole team wishes you happy holidays!
24 October
Le vif et le lent, une histoire de matériaux
Vie des Arts n°268 | Guillaume Adjutor Provost

An article published in issue 268 of Vie des arts by Guillaume Adjutor Provost on the exhibition of Maude Arès and Massimo Guerrera, Provoquer | États Fluides : Entre la dureté du faire et la délicatesse des fards à joues.


Summer 2022
12 July
An article on Maude Arès & Massimo Guerrera's exhibition
Vie des Arts | Vania Djelani

To read Online in Vie des arts magazine:
The Pursuit of Care in Managing Archives: Celebrating the Thirtieth Anniversary of Galerie B-312
An article by Vania Djelani on Maude Arès & Massimo Guerrera's exhibition at Galerie B-312 from January 20 to March 12, 2022.

8 July

Gallery B-312 will be closed from July 8 for a summer break. Join us on September 9 for the opening of the Marie-Eve Beaulieu and Martin Désilets exhibitions.

Spring 2022
5 May
A review about the exhibition of Maude Arès and Massimo Gurrera
Esse | Julie Faubert

To read in the number 105 of Esse magazine :
A review by Julie Faubert about the exhibition of Maude Arès & Massimo Guerrera at the Gallery B-312 from 20th of January to 12th of Mars 2022.

20 April
Paméla Landry
First winner of the Pauline-Desautels prize

The artist Paméla Landry is the first winner of the Prix Pauline-Desautels, awarded by Circa art actuel. The Accalmir exhibition, which she presented at Galerie B-312 from March 26 to May first, 2021, gave her this recognition. 

12 April
Galerie B-312 : célébrer tous les temps
La Presse | Éric Clément

To mark the 30th anniversary of B-312, which she co-founded, Marthe Carrier, assisted by collaborators, had reproduced the former space of the gallery when it was in third floor of Belgo building, local 312. Then they placed this reproduction in the main room of the actual space, 403. The white 1/2 scale reproduction, takes up virtually all the space...

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25 February
In the last issue of Ciel variable
Emmanuelle Choquette's review | L’exposition de Catherine Bodmer

Read the excerpt of Emmanuelle Choquette's review on the exhibition Synonymes by Catherine Bodmer published in Ciel variable 119.

5 February
An article by Marie-Ève Charron | Le Devoir
Le Devoir | Marie-Ève Charron
4 February
The exhibitions in the art centers are multiplying !
La Presse

La Presse invites you to see the exhibitions in the artist centers which are trying to increase the dynamism in the cultural sector during the pandemic.
To see at Gallery B-312:
États fluides : entre la dureté du faire et la délicatesse des fards à joues, by Maude Arès and Massimo Guerrera.

15 January
Creative anxieties to cultivate in the gallery
Le Devoir | Jérôme Delgado

Jérôme Delgado's article published in Le Devoir on January 15 provides an overview of exhibitions in artist-run centres.

Autumn 2021
23 December to 30 April
Mettre en œuvre
Fundraising Campaign 2021-2022

The Galley B-312 is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and is launching a major fundraising campaign to support its activities to promote and disseminate contemporary art. Participate in this great weaving and mixing of works and ideas: give!

22 December
Joyeuses fêtes
4 December
Interview with Steffie Bélanger
Magazine radio In situ | Pierre Archambault
4 November
La Fabrique culturelle

The Les nouveaux mouvements exhibition presented at the Galerie d'art Desjardins in Drummondville is one of the 10 visual arts exhibitions not to be missed this fall according to La fabrique culturelle.

The exhibition brings together the artists Martin Beauregard, Karine Fréchette and Gabrielle Ledoux under the curatorship of Marthe Carrier (director, Galerie B-312) and Matthieu Dumont (ex-director of Écart).

6 October
« Synonymes » de Catherine Bodmer : le lieu, décliné en de multiples perspectives
Vie des arts | Daniel Roy


To read in Vie des arts the October 6, a text by Daniel Roy : 

“Presented at Galerie B-312, this collection of her artworks dissects these places by giving them to us to see and understand from several perspectives, sometimes focusing on its formal and conceptual aspects, sometimes on its human and symbolic dimensions. »

1 October
The top four must see exhibitions in America
25 September
Momenta : la nature là où vous ne l'attendez pas
Le Devoir | Marie-Ève Charron

To read in Le Devoir of September 26, 2021, a review by Marie-Ève ​​Charron on the current biennial in several venues in Montreal. Momenta : la nature là où vous ne l'attendez pas.

“If, at this point, this biennale has not succeeded in making you feel and feel again, analyze far from preconceptions, you will have to go to the B-312 gallery. The work of Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau, from Montreal, revisits the world of Clarice Lispector in a musical comedy as enjoyable as it is hard-hitting. »

Spring 2021
20 February
Les isolés : renversements tordus
A report by Jérôme Delgado

Jérôme Delgado wrote an article in Le Devoir on the exhibition Les isolés, of Mathieu Lévesque, presented until March 20, 2021.