Alexandre Jimenez


Introduction to contextual art and artistic collaboration

In collaboration with Action Centre-Ville


  • Workshop
© Boîte à Kosuth—Alexandre Jimenez—Galerie B-312

Alexandre Jimenez is the son of Augustin Jimenez, house painter, and Francine Jimenez (born Cerda), secretary. After failing his studies in Biology at Université de l’Île de la Réunion, he decided to undertake everything to have a more precarious status than that of his parents: artist. His works are not part of any public collections. Since arriving in Montréal in 2009, he has not received any awards, nor scholarships and he has not had a solo exhibition in an established venue.



29 September 2017 to 8 December 2017

Se mettre à l’œuvre ensemble with Galerie B-312

Are you over 50? Are you curious and interested in conceptual and contextual art as well as in artistic collaboration? Would you like to better understand art-that-is-being-made-today-and-now?

SIGN UP for our Faire-Voir-Explorer workshop starting in September. In collaboration with Action Centre-Ville, a community organization for seniors, Galerie B-312 is pleased to offer you an opportunity to get involved in art making.

To discover your own way of creating and doing. 
To interact with an artist in their studio. 
To visit exhibitions and demystify creation.

A privileged access to art. 
An incredible chance to appreciate and be inspired by art!

The artist: Alexandre Jimenez
His medium: contextual art and artistic collaboration 

The artist and curator Alexandre Jimenez invites you to reconsider the status of the artist and the notion of author by putting forward the artistic posture privileging artist collectives. You will discover his artistic practice, as well as that of the four collaborators (Marianne Pon-Layus, Natalie Laforturne, Ivan Lassere et Vincent Routhier), and will get involved in a fun, inclusive and enriching artistic experience! You will have an exceptional opportunity to learn what goes on "behind the scenes" of an artistic creation, together! 

The participant artists wish to thank the Guilde des artistes.