Les jeudis tout ouïe


Les jeudis tout ouïe



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© Martin Tétreault et son Quatuor de tourne-disques

Coming from the field of visual arts, Martin Tétreault is an internationally-renowned Montréal DJ and improviser. His career has been marked out by various productions on compact discs and live performances with various collaborators: Diane Labrosse, Jean Derome, René Lussier, Otomo Yoshihide and many others. Working with the musical citation since he began in 1985, he now explores the intrinsic qualities of the turntable: engine noise, interference, etc. Since 2004, he directs the Quatuor de tourne-disques.

mineminemine is an interdisciplinary collective that has been doing sound performance since1999. The collective is composed of Magali Babin, Éric Létourneau and Alexandre St-Onge, three sound artists known for their contemporary music experimentations. mineminemine’s approach is based on a sound art practice that establishes a direct relation between the sound and the performative action. The collective has notably presented their work at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery (Montréal, 2006), the Westwerk Gallery (Hambourg, Germany, 2002) and the Roots Festival (England, 2002).

—Summary of a text by MATHILDE GÉROMIN

5 March 2009

—Thursday 05 March 2009 at 8 PM

Martin Tétreault et son Quatuor de tourne-disques

A conductor, musicians and their instruments. Four sound artists each sitting in front of a turntable. Several circular surfaces of different dimensions and materials. A conductor who gives the tone, the speed, the volume and the orders of appearance.
You get the Martin Tétreault’s Turntable Quartet. Born in 2004 from a collaboration with the Montréal choreographer Lynda Gaudreau, the idea of the Quartet evolves and becomes a music score for four turntables. From then on, Martin Tétreault invites sound artists to come and play the turntable just as one would play the violin in a quartet of chamber music.
Exceptionally for this Jeudi tout ouïe, the Quartet will work without score and will improvise instead. The Quartet will be composed of: Nancy Tobin, Magali Babin, Eric Mattson and Martin Tétreault.


The members of the mineminemine collective like the vagueness and mystery they cultivate during their sporadic and striking appearances. They are three, sometimes lying down, sometimes sitting or walking in the corridors; you never know in which state you will find them. One thing is certain, they are always in action, they even have a certain tendency to performative sound action. They improvise on score structures using analog sound most of the time, but sometimes giving in to the temptation of digital.