A fundraising exhibition at Galerie B-312

Pour l'art

A fundraising exhibition at Galerie B-312

  • Fundraising Sale and Exhibition
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Galerie B-312 wishes to thank all the artists who have accepted to participate in this edition of the centre’s fundraising exhibition. We also thank the galleries: Art Mûr, Bernard, Hugues Charbonneau, Michel Guimont, Nicolas Robert, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, René Blouin and Simon Blais.

Many thanks to our invaluable sponsors:

Centre Phi
Ciel Variable
Crew Collective & Café
Espace Art Actuel
Fondation Phi pour l'art contemporain
L'Euguélionne Librairie féministe
Vie des Arts

27 April 2019 to 18 May 2019

A GESTURE— Every year, Galerie B-312 invites you to support the activities of the centre by acquiring a work of art. Thus, you directly support the dissemination, recognition and the impact of current artistic practices. A MULTITUDE— This year again, more than ninety artists have generously accepted our invitation. A hundred works will be offered for sale. AN EXPANSION— organizations and companies also wishing to support the Galerie B-312 join the artists for this cause. AN INVOLVEMENT— Come to the opening on Saturday, April  27, as of 3 pm, which will mark the official start of this annual sale. Guaranteed love at first sight for this 2019 edition! Do not miss this chance to let yourself be charmed, inspired and succumbed POUR L'ART.