Conjuguer l'espace au temps

Conjuguer l'espace au temps

A series of exhibitions to mark the 30th anniversary of Galerie B-312
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©Model generated by 3D software. Credit : Michel Boulanger


Maude Arès 
Massimo Guerrera

Moridga Kitenge Banza
Marion Lessard
Vincent Routhier

Maxime Bruneau

Guillaume Boudrias-Plouffe
Michel Boulanger
Marthe Carrier
Guillaume La Brie
Geneviève Rocher

20 January 2022 to 30 June 2022

It is with great pride that we unveil the Winter-Spring program of 2022: three special exhibitions, presented in quick succession, to highlight the 30th anniversary of our center. With unique creations conceived by artists invited to commit themselves to the questions related to space and time.—How to mark an anniversary without falling into the self-promotion of achievements which, as beautiful and significant as they are, are now things in the past? However, how can we recognize their significance? How to deal with time when the pandemic and the environmental crisis force us to slow down, to stop, to reconsider everything? Above all, how can we think projects for the future?—At all times, art, this human manifestation, has imposed itself as a figure of necessity. The last few months have reminded us of this with acuity! That is what we wanted to celebrate: living art, in its happening, in and from space and time. It is at this state of creation that we invite you from January 20.—To do so, we have invited the artists to work from the "archive" of the first place of Galerie B-312, room 312 of the Belgo, a 1:2 scale model that sits in the middle of the current space of the center, 403 of the same building.

January 20 to March 12
The first exhibition, with Maude Arès and Massimo Guerrera, offers an encounter between two artists, one of whom is thirty years old and the other thirty years of practice.

March 19 to May 7

Bringing together Moridga Kitenge Banza, Marion Lessard and Vincent Routhier, the second exhibition present the avatar as a figure allowing the compression and modulation of time, past, present and future.

May 13 to June 30

Orchestrated by Zipertatou and his accomplice, Maxime Bruneau, the third exhibition brings together children of artists invited to acquire, for the duration of the project, the space of creation as a form of work and commitment.
Come celebrate with us these three states of practice and take their measure: three original proposals that combine space and time.—Note that, if conditions allow, performances, meetings and conversation sessions are also on the program.
Come and join us!

This series of exhibitions and the activities surrounding them, have been made possible thanks to the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts and the contribution of the Caisse du Plateau-Mont-Royal, our financial partner for over thirty years.

           Caisse du Plateau-Mont-Royal