Singles + Groups


Singles + Groups

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© David M.C. Miller, Singles + Groups, Galerie B-312, 2010 —Photo: Galerie B-312

Originally from Quebec, David M. C. Miller lives and works in Lethbridge, Alberta. A photographer, performer, videographer, curator and writer, his work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton (2010), FAVU Art Gallery, Czech Republic (2007) , Fringe Gallery, Hong Kong (2004) and LACE, Los Angeles (2002). In 2003, he participated in the exhibition Push, a project conceptualized by Andrew Forster presented at Galerie B-312.

12 February 2010 to 13 March 2010

—Opening Friday February 12, 2010 AT 5 PM

Gallery B-312 is very pleased to present David M. C. Miller's Singles + Groups. The exhibition consists of two series of photographic images, Singles and Groups. In the images show the structure of the photo ID. Faces are outlined on a black background, except that we only have the silhouettes, because the images are built using the photogram technique. In Groups, the images are digital photomontages of tiny fragments of photographed faces that appear scattered on a white background.-Whether in Singles or in Groups, the subject of the image refers to the idea of ​​ impossible identification. Miller expands on this idea in the form of an effacement of the face in Singles, and that of its fragmentation in Groups.-Miller does not subject just anything to this process of erasure or fragmentation, only the face, image par excellence of others, a subject in its own right, unique and singular, whole and indivisible. One wonders whether Singles + Groups refers to the technical questions of image legibility as opposed to the integrity of the individual and the fragility it is associated with, when today’s anonymous individuation under the guise of personalized services takes precedence over recognition of the individual in all his or her dignity.

—Summary of text by JEAN-ÉMILE VERDIER