Un peu plus loin devant


Un peu plus loin devant

  • Exhibition
© Éva Chatigny, Un peu plus loin devant, Galerie B-312, 2010—Photo: Paul Litherland

Éva Chatigny was born in Lévis. After completing a training at the Maison des métiers d'art in Quebec City, she studied Visual Arts at Université Laval and completed a master's degree in 2010. She presented solo exhibitions at Galerie Le 36 (2009, Quebec) and Galerie Rouje (2007, Quebec). In 2009, her work was showcased in group exhibitions at Galerie Art Mûr (Montreal), Galerie Tzara (Quebec) and Le Lieu (Quebec) Art Center. She is a recipient of the René-Richard Scholarship (2007 and 2009), the Hydro-Québec Scholarship (2008) and the Association of Women Graduate Students Scholarship (2008).

19 November 2010 to 18 December 2010

—Opening Friday  November 19, 2010 at 5 pm

Galerie B-312 is pleased to welcome Éva Chatigny's most recent exhibition in its small room,Un peu plus loin devant . Due to their appearance, arrangement and scale, objects are like furniture or models. However, the materials used - pieces of wood and plywood, with interventions of plaster or paint - allude to a larger scale, that of architecture. Éva Chatigny's works are the result of a creative process divided into definite stages. The artist first draws inspiration from her daily commute in the city, the suburbs and the countryside. Then, these journeys are documented through photographs which in turn become the starting point of the creation of objects. In this process, the photos taken by Éva Chatigny are devoid of the usual clues that suggest the three-dimensional experience of space, such as angles and vanishing points. When creating her objects, the artist must mentally extrapolate the volume by referring to her bodily experience of the photographed space. In fact, it may be interesting to draw a parallel between Éva Chatigny's method of work and the biological functioning of perception. The information captured by the eye and sent to the visual cortex is flat. Before joining the frontal lobes, which play a crucial role in the formation of thought, this information is transformed, schematized. If this mental transformation makes it possible to apprehend the space in its volume, it also generates a certain simplification. Rather than grasping all the details with the same importance, the frontal lobes prioritize information to guide our movements. Thus, the environment is summarized in its main lines, to which are added some attributes unique enough to become memorable.-In this way, the creations of Éva Chatigny reveal the architectural patterns specific to the urban landscapes. Connected together, the objects come together like variations of the same theme. Insofar as the interpretation of the environment and its distinctive features varies from one person to another, Un peu plus loin devant is considered a visual excursion in the artist's way of thinking as well as an opportunity to rethink our way of understanding space.

— Translation of a text by MATHIEU MÉNARD