L'AutreAuPortrait. Cahier


L'AutreAuPortrait. Cahier

Le collectif Le Mensonge de la couleur

  • Launching
2 April 2009

Le Collectif Le Mensonge de la couleur was formed in 1996 on the initiative of Mario Côté, who approaches Stéphane La Rue, Raymond Lavoie, Monique Régimbald-Zeiber, Francine Savard and Jean-Émile Verdier. In 1998, they held a first exhibition in Raymond Lavoie’s Montréal Télégraphe space. As an extension of this exhibition, the collective publishes Le mensonge de la couleur. Cahier (2000), a work in itself between the catalog, the essay, the artist’s book and the collection of poetry.

Then, for seven years, everyone worked in the manner of one or more artists of the group without ever signing anything. This endless work has nonetheless ended in L'AutreAuPortrait. UneAmitiéÀpropos, an exhibition held at Galerie B-312 in 2007.

Fruit of the exhibition without using it, and conceived in the same spirit as the first publication, L'AutreAuPortrait.Cahier gathers the intentions of the exhibition, the words of a conference on the face of the Other, and conversations presented in the form of a photographic essay.

* Translated from the original french text