Isabelle Guimond


Painting Workshops

In collaboration with
Presented at Arprim, centre d'essai en art imprimé

  • Public Presentation
Photo : Carolyne Scenna
11 December 2019
17h à 19h


On Tuesday, December 11, we invite you to come and take a look at our latest workshop with the members of Action centre-Ville, an organization offering activities to individuals aged 50 years and older. This season, it is the turn of Isabelle Guimond and her collaborators to introduce the participants to an exploration of contemporary art through contextual art and artistic collaboration.


For almost three years now, Galerie B-312 has been offering cultural mediation workshops for seniors who frequent the Action Centre-Ville centre. Directed by professional artists, these exploratory workshops, accompanied by studio and gallery visits, aim to help participants to better comprehend the artistic practice and become familiar with contemporary art, while allowing privileged access to the creation process. 

For this recent series of workshops artist Isabelle Guimond introduced participants to the basic technics of painting (watercolor, acrylic and oil) based on their own individual photographic archives and their unique inspirations. The artist has sensitized the participants about various definitions of painting these days. Using painting as a medium for their contemporary approaches, they created works that surprised them.