Les heures


Les heures

  • Exhibition
© Lise Boisseau, Les heures, 2010, Galerie B-312 —Photo: Pierre Charrier

Lise Boisseau lives and works in Montréal. After two years of learning calligraphy in China, in 1986 she presented her first two solo exhibitions at the Sabrina Fung Gallery (Tribeca, New York) and at (Montreal). Since then, we have seen her work regularly, namely, at galerie Sylviane Poirier art contemporain at the Propeller Center for the Visual Arts (Toronto, 2005) and Espaces de Fiction, at the Galerie d’art Outremont (Montreal, 2007). Among his group exhibitions are, among others, Dialogue (s), Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art (2002), Voilà Québec en México !, Las Artes Museum of the University of Guadalajara (Mexico City, 2004) and Musée d Contemporary Art at Rideau Hall, Rideau Hall (Ottawa, 2007).

5 June 2010 to 3 July 2010

—Opening Thursday June 10, 2010 AT 5 PM

To wrap up the season, Galerie B-312 presents Les heures, the latest creations by painter Lise Boisseau. This time, the artist avoids the stretcher and colours and chooses to work with ink on paper (particularly film paper), employing Chinese calligraphy techniques.-The choice of such a mode of tracing, fragments the painted surface into a multitude of marks. Orchestrating with infinite precision these marks on the surface of the paper lead the spectator's gaze to gradually build what they see, from the perception of a multitude of small lines to the recognition of a volume, sometimes that of a human body. And as long as we have some knowledge in the field of art history, we will recognize, here and there, in fragments, those of Bridget Riley,Vasarely, Sam Francis, or motifs from the work of a Michelangelo, Delacroix or Cézanne.-Certainly, we can not grasp the outline, the illusionism that emerges or the patterns we discover, that through the meshes complex frames form. Lise Boisseau thus renews, in a radically different way, this preoccupation from her early paintings; namely apperception, the faculty by means of which we consciously apprehend what we perceive.

Summary of text by—JEAN-ÉMILE VERDIER