Rutas expansivas en la gráfica mexicana

Gráfica abierta

Rutas expansivas en la gráfica mexicana

Curator–Santiago Pérez Garci
Museo Nacional de la Estampa


  • International Exhibition
© Galerie B-312—Grafica abierta—O. Barquet, I. Lieberman, C. CoRa—Photo : Caroline Cloutier


Ernesto Alva Franco
Magali Lara

Damián Flores
Nuria Montiel
Carla Rippey

Omar Barquet 
Colecrtivo CoRa (Mónica Contreras et Dario Ramirez)
Ilán Lieberman
Laura Valencia Lozada 

2 series of conferences
2 residencies
4 venues


Museo Nacional de la Estampa
Institut culturel du Mexique à Montréal
Programme ICI | UQAM
Atelier circulaire


27 October 2018 to 1 December 2018

In 2014-2015, Arprim, centre d'essai en art imprimé proposed L’art imprimé entre mixité et hybridité (Print art: between mixture and hybridity), curated by Émilie Granjon and Lysette Yoselevitz. The exhibition reunited ten Québec artists and was presented in three Mexican cities: Mexico City (Museo Nacional de la Estampa), Puebla (San Pedro Museo de Arte de Puebla) et Guanajuato.— Following this exchange launched four years ago, for their turn, Arprim and Circa art actuel (under the direction of Émilie Granjon) together with the collaboration of Galerie B-312 host 9 Mexican artists.—The three centres present the group exhibition Gráfica abierta: Rutas expansivas en la gráfica mexicana, curated by Santiago Pérez Garci, the director of Museo Nacional de la Estampa (Mexico City). This is an opportunity to discover the works of Ernesto Alva, Omar Barquet, Demián Flores, Magali Lara, Ilán Liberman, Laura Valencia Lozada, Nuria Montiel, the CoRa duo and Carla Rippey. To bring to light the revival of printmaking, the curator proposes a theme on the fusion of disciplines, uniting works that, each in their own way, exceed the limits of the traditional models.

A series of conferences will offer singular viewpoints on the contemporary practices and problematics of printmaking in Mexico. On Sunday October 28, Lysette Yoselevitz will deliver a presentation of the Québec iteration of the exhibition L’art imprimé : entre mixité et hybridité, presented in Mexico in 2014. This presentation will be followed by Santiago Pérez Garci’s conference, discussing his curatorial vision of the Montréal exhibition. This event will take place at the Mexican cultural institute in Montréal (the consulate’s exhibition space). On Thursday November 1, Ilán Liberman and Omar Barquet will share the results of their research with the public at the Université du Québec à Montréal, in the context of the partnership with Programme ICI - Intervenants culturels internationaux.—In addition to the exhibition component, two artist residencies with Perla Krauze and Boris Viskin will take place at Atelier Circulaire and at L’imprimerie, from October 26 to November 15, 2018. The artists will share the results of their work and research in the form of a presentation on Thursday November 15, at 6 pm, at the cultural institute of Mexico in Montréal.