Blue Skies and Cats

Sylvia Doebelt—Jacinthe Lessard-L—Yusuke Nishimura—Frederick Vidal

Blue Skies and Cats

  • Exhibition
© Blue Skies and Cats—Galerie B-312—Photo : Frédérik Vidal

Sylvia Doebelt lives and works in Leipzig. She studied at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (2009). She received an Erasmus Scholarship from Glasgow School of Visual Arts, Scotland (2005) and a residence at the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (2011). She has participated in several collective exhibitions including Leipzig Fotografie seit 1839 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig (2011), Exsitu at the Station VasteMonde (Saint-Brieuc, France, 2011) and Opp_Effect // Side_Effect at the AllArtNow Gallery (Damascus, Syria, 2010).

Jacinthe Lessard-L. holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University (2006); she lives and works in Montreal. Her works have been exhibited in Québec (Optica, Vu, Occurrence, Sporobole, Espace Virtuel, Caravansérail) and in Vancouver (Gallery 295), Toronto (Gallery 44), Nancy (Biennial de l’Image), Hamburg (Genscher Gallery), St. Petersburg (National Museum of Photography Rosphoto) and Lausanne (Elysée Museum). His works are part of several private and public collections.

Yusuke Nishimura was born in Okayama, Japan. He currently lives and works in New York. He earned a Master's degree in photography, video and other media from the School of Visual Arts in New York (2008). Among his notable exhibitions are La grandi prove dello Spirito and the Innumerevoli Piccole at the O 'Gallery (Milan, 2010), Landscape and Solitude at the KumuKumu Gallery (New York, 2010) and reGeneration2 at the Elysée Museum (Lausanne , 2011). Yusuke Nishimura is a recipient of the Paula Rhodes Memorial Award and the Aaron Siskind Scholarship.

Frederick Vidal lives and works in Hamburg. He studied visual arts at Kassel University (2009) where he was awarded the Otto Braun Fellowship and the Academic Award. He also won a special jury prize at the 8th Vevey International Photography Grand Prix (2012). He has presented his work in several collective exhibitions including More ... and More at Kunstbetrieb 7 (Lubwigsburg, 2009), Entropia at the 8th International Photography Grand Prix of Vevey (France, 2012) and Memento Mori Plastics, at the Gallery Stilwerk (Hamburg, 2012).

20 February 2014 to 29 March 2014


They are four artists: Sylvia Doebelt, Jacinthe Lessard-L, Yusuke Nishimura and Frederick Vidal. They come from three countries - Germany, Canada and Japan. They met in Switzerland, as part of reGeneration2, an exhibition of the Elysée Museum bringing together eighty young photographers. They became collaborators. Their exchanges led to  Blue Skies and Cats, an exhibition they also presented in Germany and Russia.-Behind this seemingly innocuous title, there are two allusions to science: "Blue Skies Research", an expression referring to scientific investigations without immediate aims, as well as the "Schrödinger cat", a paradoxical thought experiment associated with the difficulty of interpretation in quantum mechanics. The artists' investigations shed light on the paradoxes of photography: between verisimilitude and hoax, between documentary and staging, between snapshot and temporal compression.-Some propositions bear witness to the physical limits of the medium, such as the moiré effects that appear in Sylvia Doebelt’s works, while those of Jacinthe Lessard-L unveil the composition of photo paper by practicing non-orthodox interventions. Others are more interested in the notion of photographic time: the images of Yusuke Nishimura attest to a laborious process - 750 successive exposures, each marked by the addition of a masking tape - while those of Frederick Vidal come from moments where the image is generated by itself.-Through their investigation of photography as a medium and process, the artists offer images with an intriguing appearance. The strength of Blue Skies and Cats lies perhaps in the affirmation of the pertinence of the photographic medium to the field of representation.