With participation of Christian Richer
Curator—Rachel Echenberg



  • Performance

Vida Simon’s installation/performance work has been presented in a wide range of contexts ­ galleries, performance festivals, residencies, and site-responsive projects in public and private spaces. Her work has been shown in Montreal, Canada and internationally, most recently in Chile and Lithuania.
As an extension of her practice, Vida often collaborates with others and teaches drawing classes for all ages. Christian Richer (Élément Kuuda) is an ambient sound artist who has been steadily researching analogue technologies and the production and dissemination of sound via digitally captured field recordings and magnetic tape. Richer has released three albums, has composed soundtracks for art videos, short films and animation projects, and has performed his dynamic and captivating ambient sets in Montreal, Ottawa, and Washington.
Rachel Echenberg is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in performance and video. She has curated several art projects from her position as an artist.

12 September 2009
7:00 PM

The performance begins with an invented animal character called Leopold who dwells in the shadow of the last remaining textile factory. This creature takes over the outdoor and indoor spaces of an old industrial building through large projections that incorporate the shadow play of miniature objects, the live drawings and actions of Vida Simon and the live sounds of Christian Richer. Using the style of a children’s storybook narrative, Leopold’s presence unfolds into an anthropomorphic tale of the building and the changing neighborhood it inhabits. The extreme use of scale in this twilight performance attempts to reflect and embody a child’s perception. Viewpoints continually alternate between day-night, real-imagined, menacing-endearing through a metamorphosis of images and actions. This performance emerges from a live research with children over several years to bring together a collection of images and actions that cross into the many aspects of this artist’s work in performance, drawing and installation.

Vida Simon’s work for the Animals and Children series will continue in November.

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12 September 2009 : Vida Simon—Leopold
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