Spring 2014
10 May to 21 June


Nuage Vert

The collective HeHe, composed of Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen, designes surprising hybrid machines that are at times oversized.Their projects are often the result of highly sophisticated processes that involve scientists and specialists. 

7 May —10 am to 5 pm

Hexagram | CIAM

Syncretic Transcodings 4

Academics, artists and members of Hexagram | CIAM participating in this two-part international seminar will question the forces of transformation occurring at the limits of matter, be they physical, residual, biological or electronic. 

12 April to 3 May

Pour l'art

A fundraising exhibition at Galerie B-312

Every year, Galerie B-312 invites you to support the activities of the centre by acquiring a work of art. Thus, you directly support the dissemination, recognition and the impact of current artistic practices.


5 April

Sylvie Cotton

Tête-à-tête | côte-à-côte | nez-à-nez

Continuing her series In Conversation, Sylvie Cotton presents tête-à-tête | côte-à-côte | nez-à-nez, a trilogy of two-part actions. Exchanges where identity, life and work experiences, have served as anchors and the reuniting of one and the other.

20 February to 29 March

Sylvia Doebelt—Jacinthe Lessard-L—Yusuke Nishimura—Frederick Vidal

Blue Skies and Cats

The artists' investigations shed light on the paradoxes of photography: between verisimilitude and hoax, between documentary and staging, between snapshot and temporal compression.-Some propositions bear witness to the physical limits of the medium.

29 January —7 pm

Six peintres—Deux écoles—Trois lieux—Une rencontre

Discussion Panel

An encounter to expand on the concerns raised by the project Six peintres—Deux écoles—Une rencontre, we invite you to a round table discussion bringing together artists, curators, Lilian Rodriguez and Louise Déry. 

10 January to 15 February

Brendan Flanagan—Isabelle Guimond—Jenna Meyers—Corri-Lynn Tetz—Noémie Weinstein—Gabrielle Lajoie-Bergeron

six peintres—deux écoles—trois lieux—une rencontre

To begin the 2014 season, Galerie B-312 invites you to an exhibition bringing together six graduates of Concordia University and UQAM from the Master’s of Visual Arts program. All have chosen painting.

Fall 2013
14 November —6:30 pm

Guillaume Boudrias-Plouffe

La berçante et le rouleux

The performance La berçante et le rouleux adapts the life stories of Rita Tinker, Guillaume Boudrias-Plouffe's grandmother, creating a kind of historic reconstruction.The performers employ various items such as a rocking chair, a tire, pyjamas and candy.

14 November to 14 December

Marianne Pon-Layus

Les petites filles te détestent

In these frescoes, Marianne Pon-Layus represents herself embodying a variety of characters. By bringing fine variations to each of her self-representations, she takes away from the simple self-portrait to multiply it into a series of avatars. 

14 November to 14 December

Guillaume Boudrias-Plouffe

Pas d’chicane dans ma cabane !

Combining sculpture, installation, video and performance, Guillaume Boudrias-Plouffe explores the interaction between memory and culture, the transformation and transmission of traditions in relation to his grandparents. 

17 October

Karine Fréchette

Guided Tour

Our team is pleased to offer guided tours during the exhibitions. We invite you to discover the artists’ production in a dynamic framework based on discovery, enquiry and dialogue.

10 October to 9 November

Karine Fréchette


Karine Fréchette's paintings incorporate various stratagems to blur the legibility of the works. This exhibition brings together works that are part of the tradition of formal abstraction and borrow from different streams of painting.

10 October to 9 November

Michel Laforest

Les prospecteurs

In the video installation Les prospecteurs, Michel Laforest is interested in the phenomenon of perception. The artist was inspired by the linear perspective techniques devised by the French geographer Girard Desargues in the 17th century.

29 September —3 pm

Michelle Boudreau


A rehearsal / concert is held as part of the 17th edition of Journées de la culture,  where musicians from the instrumental and operatic stage will perform works by composer Michelle Boudreau.


7 September to 5 October

Cheryl Sourkes

Everybody’s Autobiography
As part of Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal

For Everybody Autobiography's production, Cheryl Sourkes searches the Internet to find images from webcams and social media. She addresses questions about the relationship between voyeurism and surveillance or about public and private life.

7 September to 5 October

Véronique Ducharme

As part of Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal

Véronique Ducharme uses a hunting camera triggered when it detects movement or heat. You could say that this is a type of animal photography where animals produce ghoslty images devoid of human presence. 

Spring 2013
30 May to 29 June

Francis Arguin

Constructions discutables
Francis Arguin creates series of sculptural objects representing fragments of architectural achievements existing somewhere on the planet. The pieces are created from images of buildings that stand out either by their strangeness, their audacity, their fantasy or their questionable taste.
30 May to 29 June

Marie-France Tremblay

Le quai

Marie-France Tremblay's exhibition presents a collection of recent artworks produced by different techniques such screen printing and knitting. Hundreds of characters and objetcts rub shoulders like repeated little nightmares. 

27 April —12:30 pm

Caroline Bernard


As part the of the Géodésie exhibition, Carolline Bernand reads with six different voices for her performance Six semaines de parallèles confondues Trente allers-retours entre ici et le centre de radiothérapie.

27 April 12h30

La Soirée Belgo

First edition
The artist-run centres and the contemporary art galleries of the Belgo are pleased to invite you at La soirée Belgo. As an important axis in contemporary art for many years, the Belgo continues to be the only place in the city where so many galleries and artist-run centres can be visited at a single address.
25 April to 25 May

Lili range le chat et Michiko Tsuda


Géodésie points out a paradox that comes with the advent of the digital world: freed from physical constraints the collection of data becomes more and more trivial, but because of this accumulation the collected information turns out less and less intelligible.

20 April

Pour l'art

Last days

Did you miss the opening of our benefit sale Pour l'art ? On Saturday, April 20, 2013, support Galerie B-312 by acquiring a work of art. 

28 March to 20 April

Pour l'art

A fundraising exhibition at Galerie B-312

Every year, Galerie B-312 invites you to support the activities of the centre by acquiring a work of art. Thus, you directly support the dissemination, recognition and the impact of current artistic practices.

21 February to 23 March

Andréanne Godin


In questioning the landscape's transformation, Andréanne Godin addresses the strategies and the impacts of mining companies in Canada : a gigantic crochet hook with unequal patterns metaphorizrd the cutting of a hill or a simple pile of stone. 

10 January to 9 February

Joel Taylor et Tricia Middleton

La nuit dernière / Last night

This looping projection goes from scenes to scnes to engage in a serie of indefinable but familiar sensory experiences. The images and sound collected over the years are the result of luck, the propable or the spontaneous. 

10 January to 9 February


De par les options qui s'offrent à nous : la moins plausible / la plus tolérable

Séripop duo's installation adjoins architectural elements to a colorful upholstery applied in allover. Using their qualities as a topographic markers, the artists defeat the traditional hanging and the presentation space and redegine the space itself. 

Fall 2012
29 November —7 pm to 8:30 pm

Jonathan Villeneuve

Faire la vague

As part of his exhibition Faire la vague Jonathan Villeneuve hosts a talk on his works showcased at Galerie B-312 accompanied by expanding on his research. 

15 November to 15 December

Jonathan Villeneuve

Faire la vague

Jonathan Villeneuve creates poetic machines by assembling familiar materials from which he most often preserves the original appearance. His work moves, emit light and produce sound, letting the visitor presume their imaginary function. 

15 November to 15 December

Mériol Lehmann


1983 is a new media installation that questions the impact of implicit memory on our perception of territory and time. For Mériol Lehmann, 1983 marks his arrival in Quebec. 


11 October to 10 November

Chloé Desjardins

Quelque chose

Mainly executed with molding technique, Chloé Desjardins's work raises questions about the object's and artwork's nature and status through an iconography relating to the packaging and the content/container polarity.

11 October to 10 November

Hanna Hur

A mirror, my shadow, the view

La pratique artistique de Hanna Hur englobe divers médias, tels que le dessin, la peinture et la sculpture. Sa démarche artistique envers la perception et la réalité empirique est nourrie par une approche phénoménologique. Hur adresse la réfraction inévitable de cette réalité à travers une perspective personnelle,...

10 October

Mettre en oeuvre 

A million thanks

In September 2010, we launched a second fundraising campaign aimed at improving conditions for the creation and sustainability of the centre. We reached out to you and you responded In large numbers. Some $ 21,140 was raised.

6 September to 6 October

Rosalie D. Gagné


Taking the form of an immersive installation made up of five luminous objects interconnected with each other, Rosalie D. Gagné's installation forms a complex tangle that recalls a neurons network. 

6 September to 6 October

Camila Vasquez

Demeurer en écluse

Camila Vasquez exhibitionquestions the notion of distance, as much in its proper sense as figuratively. Between the other and the intimacy, between performance and documentation, the mockup and the final object, the experience and the memory, gaps widen.

Spring 2012
20 June —7 pm

Valérie Kolakis

Artists' Outlook

Valérie Kolakis' practice explores architecture in relation to issues of migration, displacement and change. More specifically, it is a conceptual study of the identity construction and the constraints imposed by society and its physical spaces.