Fall 2012
15 November to 15 December

Jonathan Villeneuve

Faire la vague

Jonathan Villeneuve creates poetic machines by assembling familiar materials from which he most often preserves the original appearance. His work moves, emit light and produce sound, letting the visitor presume their imaginary function. 

11 October to 10 November

Chloé Desjardins

Quelque chose

Mainly executed with molding technique, Chloé Desjardins's work raises questions about the object's and artwork's nature and status through an iconography relating to the packaging and the content/container polarity.

11 October to 10 November

Hanna Hur

A mirror, my shadow, the view

La pratique artistique de Hanna Hur englobe divers médias, tels que le dessin, la peinture et la sculpture. Sa démarche artistique envers la perception et la réalité empirique est nourrie par une approche phénoménologique. Hur adresse la réfraction inévitable de cette réalité à travers une perspective personnelle,...

10 October

Mettre en oeuvre 

A million thanks

In September 2010, we launched a second fundraising campaign aimed at improving conditions for the creation and sustainability of the centre. We reached out to you and you responded In large numbers. Some $ 21,140 was raised.

6 September to 6 October

Rosalie D. Gagné


Taking the form of an immersive installation made up of five luminous objects interconnected with each other, Rosalie D. Gagné's installation forms a complex tangle that recalls a neurons network. 

6 September to 6 October

Camila Vasquez

Demeurer en écluse

Camila Vasquez exhibitionquestions the notion of distance, as much in its proper sense as figuratively. Between the other and the intimacy, between performance and documentation, the mockup and the final object, the experience and the memory, gaps widen.

Spring 2012
20 June —7 pm

Valérie Kolakis

Artists' Outlook

Valérie Kolakis' practice explores architecture in relation to issues of migration, displacement and change. More specifically, it is a conceptual study of the identity construction and the constraints imposed by society and its physical spaces.

13 June —19h

Catherine Bodmer

Artists' Outlook

Catherine Bodmer's artistic practice includes installations, in situ works and photographs. The notion of repetition and transformation is at the heart of her research, as well as her interest in the everyday the banal aspects of life.

23 May —7 pm

Marie-Claire Blais

Artists' Outlook

In recent years, Marie-Claire Blais’s practice has focused her creative activity mainly on drawing, in conjunction with her practice of architecture and landscape. She is interested in a process of creation that engages the body, space and time.

23 May —7 pm

Pascal Grandmaison

Artists' Outlook

Through the traces of an aesthetic that is stripped-down and meticulously shaped, Pascal Grandmaison's works depict a disconcerting distance and a detachment from reality, clearly affirmed. 

18 May to 30 June

Pour l'art

A fundraising exhibition at Galerie B-312

Every year, Galerie B-312 invites you to support the activities of the centre by acquiring a work of art. Thus, you directly support the dissemination, recognition and the impact of current artistic practices.

9 May —7 pm

Serge Murphy

Artists' Outlook

Serge Murphy lives and works in Montreal. He creates sculptures that unfold in space, as well as drawings and narrative videos that have been presented in Québec, Canada and abroad.

9 April —7 pm

Adrian Norvid

Artists' Outlook

With large-format drawings, the accumulation of construction papers and found objects, Adrian Norvid immerses viewers in an immersive environment where popular, vernacular and kitsch imagery borrows elements that range from Victorian-style to the aesthetics of Hillbilly.

28 March —7 pm

Denis Rousseau

Points de vue d'artistes

The sculptural elements Denis Rousseau has been creating for some time now are biomorphic. Their soft, sinuous and elongated volumes are made of silicone or polyurethane and are articulated by mechanical, electrical and electronic component.

23 March to 28 April

Mathieu Beauséjour—Clément de Gaulejac—Aude Moreau—David K. Ross—Karen Elaine Spencer


Galerie B-312 celebrates twenty years of ambitious projects with Revus, an exhibition drawing its origin from the gallery's guest books. Five artists were invited to work from these twelve guest books. 

21 March —7 pm

François Lacasse

Artists' Outlook

François Lacasse has been painting for twenty years. After an exhibition covering the period 1992-2002 presented at the musée d’art contemporain de Montréal Musée d'art de Joliette devoted a retrospective exhibition to him in 2009. 

7 March —7 pm

Mathieu Beauséjour

Artists' Outlook

Mathieu Beauséjour develops his work in a perspective of resistance, diversion or, as he likes to call it, semiotic terrorism. Through these tactics, the artist  tends to subvert the tools and concepts of power, alienation and oppression.

22 February —7 pm

Manon De Pauw

Artists' Outlook

For more than a decade, Manon De Pauw's work in video installation, photography and performance has been regularly shown at exhibitions, events and festivals in Canada and abroad.

16 February à 18h30

Germaine Koh


Come and discuss the work and artistic preoccupations of Germaine Koh. What are the implications of commitment to a project that lasts a lifetime. How to continue a work such as Knitwork after its acquisition.

15 February à 12h30

Germaine Koh

Concordia University

As part of the Knitwork exhibition, artist Germaine Koh gives a conference at Concordia University. 

10 February to 17 March

Germaine Koh

In collaboration with Gordon Hicks

The first public presentation of this work was conceived as an endless piece. Knitwork is built from unknitted clothes that the artist re-knits. Each artifact becomes the visual witness of the passage of time, work, and the bodies that carried them.

28 January to 4 February

20 years—A year of celebration


To mark the 20 years of Galerie B-312 differently, about twenty artists gather and offer us an unprecedented way to access and share art.Jusqu’à épuisement des stocks/While Supplies/Last is a collective project of contextual art on USB key.

20 January to 13 February

Nelson Henricks—Cynthia Girard—Manuela Lalic

Galerie Remont (Belgrade)
Presented at the Remont Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia, this exhibition explores the question of identity and how it affects our relationship to the world.Through this artistic experience, curators Marthe Carrier and Manuela Lalic incite a reflection on what defines us and what connects us to the other.
Fall 2011
2 December to 21 January

Monique Régimbald-Zeiber

Les dessous de l'histoire (2)

Monique Régimbald-Zeiber continues her reflection on the feminine condition and the relationship we have with historique by borrowing the biographical repertoire of Les Filles du Roi assembled by the demographer and historian Yves Landry. 

28 October to 29 October
16h à 20h

Gisèle Trudel

Forces et milieux
17 October 17h30—19h00
Avec les artistes de l'exposition Marqueurs de subduction
12 October to 14 October


Jusqu'au silence
9 September to 8 October


One and two
As part of Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal

The 12th edition of Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal is resonating with the theme Lucidity. Inward Views. Jim Verburg is interested in the subtleties of human relations, especially the questions of intimacy and sexuality, and on what is often left unsaid in these relation.

27 August to 2 October

Galerie B-312' 20th anniversary

A year of celebration
Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Consisting of 27 works, this event highlights the dynamism and versatility of Galerie B-312, which has become, over time, a reference on the Montréal’s contemporary art scene. 

Spring 2011
3 June to 9 July

Pour l'art

A fundraising exhibition at Galerie B-312

Every year, Galerie B-312 invites you to support the activities of the centre by acquiring a work of art. Thus, you directly support the dissemination, recognition and the impact of current artistic practices.

25 May —7 pm

Adad Hannah

Artists' Outlook

Through performance, photography and video, Adad Hannah questions the possible interaction between the viewer and the work. He is interested in the way we look at the world surrounding us and how we construct meaning. 

4 May à 19h

Emmanuelle Léonard

Artists' Outlook

From video documentary to conceptual photography, Emmanuelle Léonard develops strategies for representing public space.

27 April —7 pm


Artists' Outlook

Raphaëlle de Groot acts alone or with others (including workers, blind men and women and nuns). Her work in performance, drawing, video and installation is based on investigation and study and experience.

21 April to 21 May

Yam Lau


Working with digital video and computer-generated video animation, Yam Lau constructs virtual spaces in which the elements intertwine and multiply in a fluid way. In Rehearsal, the point of view, which is a creation of a digital imaging software, is constantly changing.

21 April to 21 May



Borrowing both landscape and architecture, Mireille Lavoie thus plays with the limits of the flexibility of plywood pieces, making it take curved and wavy forms. Some of it have been meticulously cut to bring out plant motifs.