Arpentage Empirique

Ivan Lassere

Arpentage Empirique



  • Exposition
© Ivan Lassere

Born in 1979 in the south-west of France, Ivan Lassere has lived in Québec since 2008. In 2011, he obtained a Master’s degree in Visual and Media Arts from UQAM. His painting and drawing works are included in several collections in Québec and Europe. In 2017, he creates the events Point de rencontre, a temporary exhibition space in the corridor of his studio, promoting the work of his fellow artists as well as his own. His work has recently been presented at LA VITRINE Atelier Daigneault-Schofield and Stewart Hall Gallery.

10 mai 2018 au 16 juin 2018

Ivan Lassere temporarily stepped away from painting to support his research —   mainly with collage   — on notions of spaces (architectural, pictorial, but also didactic). Since then, his painting is definitely marked by his formal explorations undertaken with the isometric grids and orthogonal projections. If the collage allows clear and raw delimitations, folding volumes in perfectly divided sections, it leaves little room for the medium’s contingencies.— Arpentage empirique reflects a dual approach: delimiting a territory of action while allowing the medium to exist, setting guidelines without restricting the importance of intuition. The artist also affirms the primacy of the raw material; his desire of details. His quest for a method where the economy of means would allow him to achieve, with the least possible gestures, a maximum cœfficient of visual efficiency. Thus, all the paintings composing this series have the same size and are executed in the same way. On the raw canvas, a translucent primer is applied. Then, by using a chalk line (a tool mainly used in construction which consist of a rope saturated with colored chalk that can be stretched and abruptly released to make straight markings), the artist cut the space, which is now crossed by multiple lines. On this preparatory drawing, a single layer of oil paint is applied. The shades used all come from a similar mixture of titanium to which ecru, burnt umber, mars black and cerulean blue are added in a small quantity. These desaturated colours which the artist calls necessary colours suggest construction materials (silicone, coatings, glues) usually chosen for their function and not their chromatic quality. The remaining paint, once the painting is done, will be preserved and serve as a basis for the colored mixture of the following painting, creating an underground chain between each element of the series. The formal and chromatic minimalism of Arpentage empirique for Ivan Lassere are a way of supporting and giving importance to the gesture executed on the surface, however subtle it may be, until it becomes barely perceptible, blending in with the canvas, playing with layout and erasure. 


Galerie B-312 thanks its members and donors: Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts de Montréal, Canada Council for the Arts and Ville de Montréal. The artist would like to thank the Guilde des artistes.