Video Screening


Video Screening

As part of Animals and Children

Curator—Rachel Echenberg

  • Activité spéciale

Rachel Echenberg is a multidiciplinary artist who works principaLly in pefromance and video art domain. She has designed several multidiciplinary works inspired by her posision as an artist.

12 novembre 2009

—Thursday 12 November 2009 at 7 PM

“Never work with children or animals” is the famous quote by W. C. Fields in which he warns us that these uncontrollable elements will surely upstage the planned structure of a performance. The fact that their uncertain behaviour is full of potential inevitably becomes the focus, drawing attention away from the set composition of the piece and allowing for a different reality to ensue. This selection of films and videos highlights performative works that seek out this instability by embodying, sharing or giving up control to either animal or child. The initial artistic idea is constantly disrupted by the intervention or becoming of other. By exploring the relationship between control and abandon these videos exemplify new possible modes of activity within specific social boundaries. The works in this program range from narrative forms, to observations of one’s direct environment, to more abstract performances. Joanne Bristol’s ongoing collaboration with her domestic house cat is portrayed through the animal’s interaction with an art magazine; Arti Grabowski uses his own body as the central figure to be observed/explored by both animals and children; Paul Leyton’s film portrays the child’s version of the adult life; Noémi McComber takes an artificial donkey for a ride through the back alleys of a city; Monique Moumblow observes the different realities of her twin daughters playing; Collette Nolan brings herself into the world of her five-year-old son who is becoming a dinosaur underneath the dining room table; Marie-Andrée Rho moves us through an animal-human transformation; Milos Tomic’s stop-action animation portrays a man who literally lives on the pavement as a street dog.

30 April to 30 May 2009 : Monique Moumblow—Arko Preeka
12 September 2009 : Vida Simon—Leopold
22 to 27 September 2009 : Darren O’Donnell (Mammalian Diving Reflex)—Haircuts by Children
8 to 10 October 2009 : Suzanne Joly— Prendre mon T avec elle…
12 November 2009 : Soirée vidéo—Avec des artistes du Canada et de l’étranger
14 November 2009 : Vida Simon— The Suit/ L'habit