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Brendan Flanagan—Isabelle Guimond—Gabrielle Lajoie-Bergeron—Corri-Lynn Tetz—Charlie J. Meyers—Noémie Weinstein

Curator on tour—Marthe Carrier 

  • CAM Touring Program
© Noémie Weinstein—Charlie J. Meyers—Galerie B-312—Photo : Jean-Marc Fredette


Six peintres, deux écoles, une rencontre brings together the artists Brendan FlanaganIsabelle GuimondGabrielle Lajoie-BergeronCharlie J. MeyersCorri-Lynn Tetz and Noémie Weinstein. Originally for this project, we wanted to question the state of painting in the context of university education. We invited Eliza Griffiths and Christine Major, professors at Concordia University and UQAM, to act as curators along with Marthe Carrier, director of Galerie B-312. With the complicity of Galerie de l’UQAM and the collaboration of Galerie Lilian Rodriguez, the exhibition was held in three significant venues: a university gallery, a private gallery and and artist-run centre.


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January 13 to February19, 2017


13 January 2017 to 19 February 2017

They are six. All in their twenties and thirties. They studied arts at Concordia University and UQAM. They chose painting. The exhibition Six peintres, deux écoles, trois lieux, une rencontre, presented in 2014 at Galerie B-312 and in two other Montréal art centres, marked the beginning of these artists’ professional career. Three of them completed their Master’s degree during the exhibition, while the other three graduated the following year. Thus through this exhibition we present you the work of the younger generation. We chose some of the works selected in 2014. Artworks fresh out of the studio. Six artists that you will surely see over time. They are young. The have energy. They have plenty of ideas. They are active. They dare.—But what do these young painters have to say? What is their research on? In the Internet era, why choose painting? The medium whose imminent death was announced with the advent of photography, then cinema, video and new technologies. Why paint a portrait, a landscape, a scene, when a simple click can capture everything so quickly? If painting redefined itself for a long time by dwelling on its own materiality– colours, impasto, surfaces – sometimes setting aside the representation for the benefit of abstraction, today we are witnessing a marked return of figuration. However, painting now shares its subject with the inexhaustible search for its matrix, that which allows painting to be, of what pertains to it, without denying what binds it to other mediums such as photography, digital art, installation, drawing, sculpture or performances. The artist has nothing to do with categories. They create. Like a researcher, regardless of the tools available, they will always offer us new perceptions, avenues, discoveries on the artistic practice, on oneself, on the world. This is their condition of existence. This is what we recognize!— Six practices that stand out, which demonstrate the current diversity of painting, no matter which school. Yours to discover.

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Original text in French by MARTHE CARRIER