La croix du mont Royal


La croix du mont Royal

  • Fundraising Campaign
© Model : Isabelle Guimond
10 September 2016 to 1 November 2016

Participate in the recreation of La croix du mont Royal, a legendary work by Pierre Ayot designed in collaboration with Denis Forcier, for the event Corridart: a series of eighteen public artworks produced for the 1976 Olympic Games, though disassembled a few hours before the official opening of these Games.

As part of a major retrospective of Pierre Ayot (1943-1995) coordinated by the curator and art critic Nicolas Mavrikakis and bringing together several venues (including the BAnQ, Guido Molinari Foundation, Galerie Graff, Galerie Joyce Yahouda, Musée d'art de Joliette and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal), Galerie B-312 presents two projects in relation to the cross: its recreation * and Res Ipso Loquitur; an exhibition regarding the Corridart event.

We need your support for the recreation of the cross!

Join us for this fabulous project: See the cross that everyone has heard about but no one has seen!
Pay tribute to a major artist in the art history of Québec.
Be an active participant in the realization of a large work.

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Remember: any donation over $ 25 will be accompanied by a tax deduction receipt.
* The recreation of the cross is an original idea of ​​Nicolas Mavrikakis.